We care for our work

Fathi1With all pride, we remember our late father/ Tawfik Abdulraheem Mutaher who strove to make this large entity for completing his blessed life and for immortalization of his wonderful memory.

We do our best to complete what he had done in Reforming the group under the slogan (maintaining our achievement and developing more success for our group, nations and families). Hence, we do our best to keep up with the contemporaneous developing, which requires us keeping in contact with our customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Utilizing our vision to be viewed in the horizon and seizing it rapidly, affirming the great values and principles that have been in our group and that our father embodied in our heart and mind.

In spite of the difficult circumstances that our country goes through, we have sufficient confidence that it is a matter of time then we will overcome all these. Inevitably, development and construction are in the way and there will be many investment opportunities that need energy, water, building materials and other requirements, which are fundamental to our life style. Many of these opportunities will go along with our group abilities, ambitions and experiences, which enable us to contribute in developing and building our country.

As we enter this period of time, we are all relying completely on Allah, and our loyal men with their experiences and qualifications.
Thank you very much,

Board of Directors


Mr. Fathi Tawfiq



Mr.Mohammed Tawfiq

Vice Chairman


Mr.Amr Tawfiq


Group’s General Manager


Mr.Ammar Tawfiq


Group’s Deputy General Manager


Mr.Amin Tawfiq

Group’s Deputy General Manager